Mission Statement

Our main goal is to be the leader in the communications industry from Chicago to South Bend.

Our focus is on four key areas of continuous improvement:

-  We aggressively commit to enhancing the creativity of our product thereby increasing the value for both our customers and our listeners
-  We continue to expand the necessary technology to proactively respond to this ever-changing communications’ industry
-  We bring a diversity of thought to strengthen our number one internal resource: the knowledge and professionalism of our employees
-  We commit to align all our resources to ensure that our product meets and exceeds the needs of our customers and listeners

As we continue to grow, our primary focus is a triad of different elements – our clients, our listeners and our staff. Without the three working seamlessly together, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

The Difference

The biggest difference and business advantage that Radio One Communications has is that they’re locally owned and operated. With over four decades of the same local owners, that originated Porter County Broadcasting in 1964, helped take it from one radio station to today’s multimedia giant operating four radio stations, four established websites and a multitude of different marketing tools to dominate the seven counties in the Northwest Indiana Region. 

With these resources, it’s understandable why companies go to Radio One for their local advertising; it’s because they understand what the listeners want and can provide what the advertisers need.

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